It’s never easy...
When it comes to new poject.

But we can set everything straight.



Sopot Scientific was the only company which helped me to start my own business. Now Dispositivos de controle da Amazon is one of fast growing high tech companies in Brazil.

A Sopot Scientific foi a única empresa que me ajudou a iniciar meu próprio negócio. Agora Dispositivos de controle da Amazon é uma das empresas de alta tecnologia de rápido crescimento no Brasil.

-Francisco Pazos Silva-

What you can find here

Industrial control, remote control, automation microcontrollers, robotics, sonar, radar ,guding systems. We can design everything from guiding systems to sonar and radar. But Sopot scientific also manufactures own electronic and sells finished product.

Sopot Scientific is one of the leading small size high tech companies. There is no job too small or too big. The company offers everything from project design to prototypes and full production.
The offer includes designing electronic circuits, microcontrollers, PCB board manufacturing and assembly. Depending on the projects the time to develop and provide prototypes can take from few weeks to a few months. There are less and more complicated design which take time to design and setup production.

One of our recent project involved home automation system which we have designed for LabMax. The system is now sold internationally with great success.



Spectrophotometer project available, full data processing and instrument control.